I hope this works for you.   There are 2 main pictures,4 pictures of the sand, and 5 pictures of the sky.  They should all be 4288x2848@300DPI as requested by email.  While reading the various emails, one said the resolution should be at least 1200DPI so I have scaled the main two pictures to 10200x6775 at 1200DPI 24Bit depth, that comes out to almost 30MB each.  I am attaching them just because I am not sure that the rest of these pictures are any larger than the previous ones.  Once again I will do all that I can to help.  Please let me know if I need to scale the sand and sky or if this is all you need.  I did not attach the gusset or the wording because I think that you all have worked that out.  Please let me know how it turns out.  THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!!!


Becky 002

Becky 002 1200 DPI

Becky 006

Becky 006 1200 DPI

Becky 015

Becky 016


Becky 020

Becky 021

Becky 022

Becky 014

Becky 017

Becky 018

Becky 019